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2018 EUSAAP Conference Information

The 2018 EUSA AP Annual Conference and Postgraduate Student workshop will be held in Taipei on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 June 2018. The conference will be held at the National Taiwan University, Taipei. We are pleased to now publish the programme and further important information: 

The Future of the EU and 
European Integration in the Aftermath of Crisis


Most Sessions are 90 minutes in lenght with four presenters per session. Each presenter has 15 minutes to present the paper (4 x 15 minutes = 60 minutes), dedicating the remaining 30 minutes to Q&A. The session chairs will decide if Q&A will be following each presentation or following all presentations. There are resident computers in the rooms. You may wish to use a PowerPoint presentation but this is not mandatory. If you prepare a PowerPoint presentation, please please bring it with you on a USB flash-drive. It is highly recommended that you save a backup copy online or on a second flashdrive. There is no need to bring printed copies of your paper or the presentation. It is expected that participants attend both full days of the conference.

Please understand that it may be necessary to make changes to the programme at any time and without prior notification of the presenters. We will do our very best to contact you but please keep an eye out on the programme updated here for any changes. 

The conference programme can be downloaded HERE. ***Version 20 June***
Abstracts and other practical & logistical information will be published here in due time. 



A full paper must be submitted online by 31 May 2018. You will receive access to all full papers submitted for the conference. For this conference EUSAAP is working with the Taiwanese Journal of Political Science as well as the two EUSAAP-affiliated journals and you are encouraged to submit your paper to one of these for consideration of publication. We recommend that you prepare your full paper along the Author Guidelines of one of the journals below.  

Taiwanese Journal of Political Science, Submission Information  
Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies

Australia New Zealand Journal of European Studies 

Paper submisson: All papers must be uploaded to the EUSAAP website. Papers emailed to the organisers cannot be accpeted. Please read the guidelines for authors (above). To submit your full paper please follow these steps: 

1. In the top right corner of thiswebsite click on "Login"
2. If you do not yet have an accountfor this website, please click on "Don't have an account?". 
3. The link will take you to the "User Registration" page. Please complete all mandatory fields to create an account. 
4. Once you have submitted the form you will be able to log in with your chosen user name and password. 
5. A new sub-menu will appear: click on "Paper Upload". 
6. Under "Paper Upload 2018" choose your file and enter your author name. Please do not add any other information into this field. Click "Submit". 
7. Your paper has been uploaded. 


Logistical information

Due to the season and various events we have to use TWO different hotels this year. In the following file you will find your name and the hotel allocation on the first three tabs, as well as your arrival and departure dates (if additional nights were booked). The fourth tab will give you the hotel address and website. Please note that we cannot reimburse or cover any domestic transport. A shuttle will operate between the hotels and the conference venue. 

Unless arranged otherwise in writing with the conference organisers, a single room has been booked for conference presenters for your arrival on Wednesday, 27 June and departure on Saturday, 30 June. The single rooms cannot be used by two people. Postgraduate workshop participants have been allocated twin rooms (same sex only). Any additional guests staying at the hotels must be registered and pay the costs of the hotel accommodation at check in. If any additional nights have been booked at your costs (and confirmed in writing by the conference organisers) these must be paid at check in. 

Hotel List ***Version 21June 2018***




The conference is jointly organised by EUSAAP and EUSA Taiwan. For more information please contact the organising team via email   



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This event is organised with support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.