2018 EUSAAP Conference

The 2018 EUSA AP Annual Conference and Postgraduate Student workshop will be held in Taipei on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 June 2018. The Postgraduate Workshop will take place on Day 1 and Postgraduate students are encouraged to attend the conference on Day 2.

The conference will be held at the National Taiwan University, Taipei. The theme will be

The Future of the EU and European Integration in the Aftermath of Crisis

Since the outbreak of sovereign debt crisis in Greece in 2010, the EU as a whole has been confronted by a series of crises both internal and external. Though some of these crises have yet to be resolved, the EU has proved resilient and even been able to promote the integration process further, through initiatives such as the Banking Union and closer defence cooperation, which had been unimaginable a decade ago. Elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany in 2017 have addressed rising extremism, nationalism and Euro-skepticism although the consequences of Brexit remain unresolved.

It is time to rethink the future of the EU and European integration as a whole. The conference will discuss research findings on sub-themes in relation to the future of the EU and European integration and its impact upon global governance and the world order.

Asia Pacific countries have significant connections with Europe and the EU. Therefore, any changes in European politics and EU policies will affect the regions. Consequently, EUSA AP see it as timely to hold a conference focused on the future of European integration in the aftermath of crises since 2010. Is there more continuity or change in the EU - Asia Pacific relationship? How do different groups perceive the EU and is there any change in its relationship to the region?

The conference seeks to discuss the following sub-themes in greater detail:

The Future of EU External Relations - CFSP, CSDP, Trade and Development
The Future of the EU Global Strategy, Normative Power and Principled Pragmatism
The Future Relationship between the EU and the Great Powers
The Future Relationship between the UK and the EU
The Future of EU-Asia Pacific Relations
Solutions to the EU crises
Debates over the Finality of the European Integration process
Future enlargements
The Future of European Neighborhood Policies
The Future EU Agenda for Global Governance
Culture and the Future of European Integration 

The aim is to investigate these topics from both, a European and an Asia Pacific perspective. The conference will be multi-disciplinary in focus. As relationships are not single-faceted, we aim to pool expertise from a wide range of fields to develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of the relationships and understand the broad range of areas that can be impacted by international political and economic issues. The EUSA AP is by nature multi-disciplinary and previous conferences have drawn together experts from disciplines such as History, Political Science, Law, Economics, Sociology, Geography and Cultural & Language Studies. With this conference we invite participants from other disciplines in the Social Sciences and Humanities to join us.



Sessions are 90 minutes in lenght with four presenters per session. Each presenter has 15 minutes to present the paper (4 x 15 minutes = 60 minutes), dedicating the remaining 30 minutes to Q&A. The session chairs will decide if Q&A will be following each presentation or following all presentations. There are resident computers in the rooms. You may wish to use a PowerPoint presentation but this is not mandatory. If you prepare a PowerPoint presentation, please please bring it with you on a USB flash-drive. It is highly recommended that you save a backup copy online or on a second flashdrive. There is no need to bring printed copies of your paper or the presentation. 

The conference programme, abstracts and other practical & logistical information will be published here in due time. It is expected that participants attend both full days of the conference.


A full paper must be submitted online by 31 May 2018. You will receive access to all full papers submitted for the conference. You are also encouraged to submit your paper to the Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies or the Australia New Zealand Journal of European Studies for consideration of publication. Guidelines on the preparation of your paper can be found here: 

Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies
Australia New Zealand Journal of European Studies 

Registration fees

A moderate registration fee of EUR 50 will be charged for paper presenters and Postgraduate students participating in the workshop. Registration for conference guests will be EUR 30. Registration fees will be charged via PayPal. 

Important: Registration fees are non-refundable and will be charged at submission of an abstract via PayPal.

Logistical information

A limited number of hotel rooms will be funded by the organisers for up to 3 nights accommodation for paper presenters and Postgraduate students participating in the workshop, not living in the Taipei. We are happy to book additional nights for you (e.g. arriving earlier or departing later) at your own costs. If you wish to extend your stay, please inform Yvonne Grosch via the comment box on the registration form. 

For papers that are co-authored and/or several presenters attending the conference, only one sets of costs will be covered. For example, if the paper presentation is shared between two authors we will only cover the costs of one person. 

The registration fee includes catering on conference days. Please be sure to include any dietary requirements in the registration form.


Call for paper and call for panels: Now
Deadline for abstract submissions: CLOSED 
Paper presenters will be notified of acceptance: 16 March 2018 NEW DATE 
Presenters must confirm their participation: within 10 days of notification of acceptance but no later than 26 March 2018 NEW DATE 
Full papers to be submitted by: 31 May 2018 via the online portal - presenters will receive a separate email 


Registrations for conference participants wanting to present a paper (full conference or Postgraduate Workshop) have now closed. 

Guests wishing to attend the conference and/or Postgraduate Workshop (but not present their research), please have your PayPal account or credit card details available. Please register HERE


The conference is jointly organised by EUSAAP and EUSA Taiwan. For more information please contact the organising team via email   



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This event is organised with support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.