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2015 EUSA AP Conference Summary

The 2015 EUSA AP conference presented a double theme, highlighting the EU's manifold roles and concepts it endeavours to endorse. The conference themese were Is European Integration still the Model for the Asia Pacific Region? and The EU as a Development Actor and Possibilities for Partnerships. It was held on 11+12 June 2015 at Korea University in Seoul, Korea.


The international, multidisciplinary conference featured papers on Institutions & Institutionalization, Model Comparison and Labour Mobility, the EU and ASEAN compared, Trade & Consumer Protection, EU Development Policy and Cooperation with EU partners as well as Models of Integration. The EUSA AP was very happy to welcome participants from as far as the US, UK, Poland, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, as well as presenters from China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau and Singapore.


Welcoming remarks were delivered by Professor Namho Lee, Executive Vice President, Korea University, H.E. Tomasz Kozlowski, Ambassador of the EU to the Republic of Korea, Dr Deok-Ryong Yoon, President EUSA Korea and Professor Jai-Won Ryuo, President CIES.

The first keynote speech was delivered by Professor Cae-One Kim, the Founding President of EUSA AP and Emeritus Professor at the Seoul National University. Professor Kim has a strong background in Economics and has served as President for the EU Studies Association and EUSA Asia Pacific. A copy of Professor Kim's keynote can be found here.

The Special Roundtable Discussion on ‘Major Issues and the Future Fate of the EU and the Eurozone’ was moderated by Dr Il Houng Lee, President of the Korean Institute for Economic Policy (KIEP). Participants were H.E. Tomasz Kozlowski, Ambassador of the EU to the Republic of Korea, H.E. Aingeal O’Donoghue, Ambassador of Ireland to the Republic of Korea, H.E. Chang-Beom Kim, Former Ambassador of ROK to the EU, Professor Sung Hoon Park, President EUSAAP and Professor Ding Chun from the Fudan University in China.

The final plenary session was entitled ‘The European Union as a Model for Asia-Pacific Regional Integration?’ and was chaired by Professor Sung Hoon Park, President EUSAAP. Participants were Dr Heungchon Kim, Vice President KIEP, Professor Martin Holland, Secretary EUSAAP, Professor Rajendra Jain, President EUSA India, Professor Paulo Canelas de Castro, President EUSA Macau, Professor Woosik Moon, Member of the Monetary Committee, Korea, Professor Toshiro Tanaka, President EUSA Japan, Professor Dai Bingran, President EUSA China, Professor C-M Liang on behalf of Professor Su, President EUSA Taiwan, Dr Bruno Mascitelli, President EUSA Australia and Dr Thomas Henoekl from the University of Adger.

You are welcome to view and download a copy of the Conference Proceedings and the Final Programme.

Journal Publication & Presentations

So far thirteen papers have been submitted for publication. These papers are currently reviewed by the editorial board of the Asia Pacific Journal of EU Studies.

If you wish to recieve any of the presentations please contact Yvonne Grosch, .

Photos and Videos

Link to the report on the KU-KIEP-SBS EU Centre: KU-KIEP-SBS EU Centre
Link to a short Youtube clip for conference impressions: Youtube
Link to the KIEP website for the Conference: KIEP website and KIEP conference report

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This conference was co-hosted by the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) and the EU Studies Association Asia Pacific (EUSA AP).

Co-organisers were KU-KIEP-SBS EU Centre at Korea University, the EU Studies Association of Korea (EUSA Korea), the Korea Institute of Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET) and the Center for International Economic Studies (CIES).

A big thank you to the sponsor: the European Commission through a Jean Monnet Grant, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea (MOFA), Maeil Business Newspaper and Korea University.