To raise the academic debate, and to provide a resource for teaching and further research on the EU - Asia Pacific relationships, the EUSA AP works with two affiliated journals.

Publishing papers, especially after conferences, enables academics and early career researchers to incorporate feedback they recieved during the conference, into their papers. These journals are designed as an outlet for the highest quality papers presented.

Early career researchers are especially encouraged to submit papers for presentations.

EUSA AP works together with the following journals:

Asia Pacific Journal of European Union Studies

Guidelines for Authors - Asia Pacific Journal of European Union Studies 


Australia and New Zealand Journal of European Studies (ANZJES)

Guidelines for Authors - Australia and New Zealand Journal of European Studies (ANZJES)

The Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies, which is an official journal of the EU Studies Association of Asia-Pacific (EUSA Asia-Pacific), is published twice a year. The Journal aims to provide an international forum for the dissemination of academic research and policy debate on the external dimensions and international implications of European issues. The Journal is by nature multidisciplinary, and the research area comprises theoretical and empirical evaluations of European integration, relations between the EU and the Asia-Pacific region, comparative analysis and policy studies, and related issues.

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